Since 1995, CorpFinance has been providing financial and consulting services to emerging small to medium enterprises (SME) who want to expand their opportunities for success through financing, mergers, acquisition and corporate restructuring. CorpFinance specializes in strategic business planning and analysis, due diligence, management services, and traditional and non-traditional financing. Numerous local, national and international companies have achieved success as a direct result of CorpFinance’s guidance and expertise. The CorpFinance teams has over sixty years of accounting, strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance experience.

We can help you raise capital during key growth periods – accessing a wealth of financial resources through relationships with venture capital groups; high net worth individuals; corporations; banks; pension funds; other institutional sources and North American and international stock markets.

Our business is about intermediation – bringing suppliers of capital together with companies that can profitably put it to work. The skills and capabilities of the CorpFinance team effectively builds relationships between our clients and the financial community


Jim Henning, CA, CBV, CFA, President

A chartered accountant, chartered business valuator and a CFA charterholder, Jim founded CorpFinance in 1984. Previously, Jim was a Tax and Business Valuation Manager at Touche Ross & Co. Jim has solid expertise and practical experience in valuating businesses in a broad range of industries. He has assisted companies in financing, public offerings, and restructuring. Areas of expertise include manufacturing, telecommunications, software, biomedical, oil and service industries.